FSB Troll caught ?

Hi, good reader

We must to present threatening clowns Stanislav "Hyperloop" Popkov and Andrei Paladjuk.

Of course, such a demonstration is dangerous, because every Estonian knows that the Russians dont give up, going to za rodinu :), but in this case it makes no sense to turn the other cheek ahead.

In 2010, co-operation started. Everything went well. From time to time, Stanislav invated as strangely to look up projects in late evening to his private home, but because of the co-operation work went well we did not really get disturbed about that kind of strange activity.

An important setback arose in 2012 when we were all together involved in the design work of Rae County, Municipality in Estonia.

Representatives of Rae Municipality were later criminals Veigo Gutmann and Meelis Kasemaa, corrupt criminals. Interesting fact.

It is important that AB Standup OÜ, a company that operated as a subcontractor, board members Stanislav Popkov and Andrei Paladjuk, did their work incorrectly, the work was not adopted by the rural municipality government. A letter was sent by the municipality, the project is not good, there are errors. As the errors were not corrected within a few weeks, the contract was canceled by the State Real Estate Ltd, who lead the design work. The money was not paid, subcontractor AB Standup did not receive any money.

Russians eggs started to boil.

They started to send anonymous letters of deception, false letters. Popkov turned into a very active one. He also complained to the police that he was insulted, called false Dimitri (what ?) and also threatened. The police did not start any investigation.

It is important here that the only one who had some reason to make threts was Stanislav Popkov, who demanded money for bad work.

Soon the threats were even more serious. An unknown call was dialed and threat was made to cut the throat if no money was paid. We made a statement to the police. The police did not start the investigation. There is no real danger.

Next, Stanislav Popkov, sent defamation letters to various companies across Estonia. Popkov presented his delusions, he was called false Dimitri, petraied with "huge sums", and someone had called him at night. Not knowing that, in certain clubs, you do not have to actively distribute your numbers :)
The threatening phone calls continued.

This time Andrei Paladjuk spoke. The Estonian Police finally initiated a criminal case. Investigated, drilled. You know, how these things are going. Andrei Paladjuk, who was arrested at the police station, said that he had not done anything. Calls were made near the Paladjuk business partner office, but not from the Paladjuks mobile.

But still, Stanislav Popkov and Andrei Paladjuk did not get relaxed. Again, messages were distributed across Estonia. No, not to send as to Siberia. Just smash as to the sludge.

Now we know who and why has been posting years and years, using our name or some pseydonym, political and punching comments etc, to different portals and forums. 

To destroy our name.

It must be said that great evil clowns are AB Standup boys, they really standup up from crowd :)

Later on we noticed that Andrei Paladjuk is busted as troll also in Ukraine (maybe working for FSB): https://brudno.com.ua/?n=andrei-paladjuk--paladjuk&uid=17748014